5 Memorable Ways to Spoil your Valentine!

Need a few ideas to make your Valentine’s Day memorable this year?  We know how rote it feels to simply book a rezzie at your favorite romantic restaurant, and sometimes the river of marketing can make it all seem a little corny.  But, the real heart of Valentine’s Day remains pure, and by using the imagination a little more than the pocketbook, the essence of showing someone how much you love them can be easy and fun.

Here are 5 simple and romantic ways you can make your sweetie feel totally loved and appreciated this Valentine’s Day.

1. Draw her a bubble bath.

Create an experience for her to luxuriate in!  Light some candles, pour her a glass of wine, fold the towels in a cute way, and put on her favorite playlist.  Add a drop or two of her favorite essential oil to the tub (see #3) and take the whole experience to another level.  Beautiful fresh flowers or rose petals are a bonus, but arrange them around the room and not in the actual bath.  Trust me here – they may look beautiful on Pinterest, but the romance quickly fades when someone has to clean them out of the tub!

2. Leave little love notes for her around the house.

Tuck them into places where she’ll find them all day long.  In her closed laptop, on the bathroom mirror, in the book she’s reading, under her coffee cup, in her jacket pocket – wherever.  Think outside the box and get creative!  If you’re good she won’t even find them all on Valentine’s Day.  (The note that isn’t discovered for a few weeks or months will create a new and memorable moment that’s sure to score you some extra love points.) For the price of some sticky notes you can surprise and delight her all day long.  She’ll love it!

3. Give her a foot massage

The way to a woman’s heart may very well be through her feet.  After a long day of work or chasing the kids, no woman can resist the delicious decadence of a foot rub.  Pour her favorite bevvy, turn on some music, and have her kick back on the couch with her feet in your lap.  You don’t have to be a professional massage therapist (I swear!) because everything feels nice on your feet!  If you want to earn some extra bonus points, make a special massage oil for her.

Here’s a simple recipe that smells amazing!  (BTW – you can find essential oils in most drugstores these days.)

You’ll need:

  • a small bottle (4-6 oz – they will have them at your local drug store)
  • olive oil (which you probably already have in your pantry!)
  • Amber essential oil
  • Jasmine essential oil
  • Sandalwood essential oil.

Fill the bottle about 3/4 full and add 2 drops of each essential oil.  Shake it up and boom! You’re ready to go.  It’s SO easy and she’s totally going to appreciate the extra thought you put into this.  PS: make more for luxury back rubs.  You can’t lose!

4. Put fresh sheets on the bed.

It seriously doesn’t get any easier than this.  I know of no one who doesn’t love the feeling of snuggling into some fresh, clean sheets.  I swear they give you a better night’s sleep!  When she wakes up feeling super refreshed and happy you can mentally high five us for this hot little tip.

5. Buy her one really nice gift.

This is the step that locks the memories together!  While creating an experience for your lady is the name of the game, it’s important to have one tangible gift for her to attach all these sweet romantic memories to.  Beautiful, handcrafted jewelry is just the right thing!  Each time she wears it will be a reminder of how much you love her and how thoughtful you are.  This special gift holds the memory of the sweet evening you shared and she’ll think of you whenever she wears it.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!


Amy, Mark & Ruby




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