Gifts for Wife - Leaf Iron Earrings by dirtypretty artwear - Anniversary gifts for wifeGifts for wife. Bet you need one. That’s why you’re here isn’t it?  dirtypretty artwear has beautiful, handmade jewelry that makes perfect gifts for your wife or significant others!  We’ve got uniquely handcrafted jewelry for all your epic birthdays, amorous anniversaries and compelling special occasions.

It’s that time again – time to find memorable gifts for your wife.  If it isn’t her birthday, then it must be your anniversary.  Or maybe she is just an amazing and nice woman who deserves a little special treatment.  Either way, we are glad you are here.

Gifts for Wife - Double Happiness Gold Necklace by dirtypretty artwear - Anniversary gifts for wifeChances are good that your partner wears jewelry that makes her look and feel great.  She’s got favorites that she wears every day as well as essential focal pieces that she looks forward to wearing out on special occasions. When she feels good, she’s wearing her favorite jewelry – it enhances her individual edge.  It’s a ritual.  She’s a bad ass.

That’s what makes dirtypretty jewelry such a great gift.  The gift of the unique edge.  We want to make it easy to be good to the strong, beautiful women we adore.

Finding the perfect jewelry gift for your wife

Gifts for Wife - Moments of Zen Silver Bracelet by dirtypretty artwear - Anniversary gifts for wifeKeep your eyes open – what does she like to wear every day?  Earrings? Necklaces? BraceletsRings?  Does she love one metal over another? Gold? Silver? Iron? Steel? What is her favorite style?  Minimalist? Whimsical? Ornate? Rustic? Picturing what she chooses to wear will help you chose something she will take into her life to wear again and again.  With a little attention to life’s details, you will find a perfect and shiny addition to her heart.

Gifts for wife: every day jewelry

Anniversary Gifts for wife - Zen Circle Steel Earrings by dirtypretty artwear - gifts for wifeSmall is good, comfortably light is right.  How long does she like to wear her necklaces?  Short little chokers or super long layering necklaces?  Long dangle earrings or tiny hoops?  Something unique, organic or geometric?  Keep it simple and everything will be all right!

Gifts for wife: special occasions

Gifts for Wife - Flash Steel Necklace by dirtypretty artwear - Anniversary gifts for wifeThis one can be a little trickier.  You may need to get a little stealthy to get a handle on what she likes to wear on special occasions.  Last time you shared a fancy date night, what did she wear?  Simple, elegant clothes?  Something a little frilly and delicate?  Use these kinds of hints to inform your gifting choices.  Without getting yourself into trouble or giving away your gift giving plans, take a look in her jewelry box!  You are looking for those special pieces she likes to wear when the night calls for “fancy” or “spectacular”.  She probably has a couple things that you will recognize as her “fancy” picks.  Got some ideas now?

Anniversary gifts for wife

Anniversary Gifts for wife - Twisted Teardrop Gold Earrings by dirtypretty artwear - gifts for wifeOK, this time, use all the stealthy recon and creative observation you’ve done, and apply it to your anniversary gift search.  Of course unique jewelry makes a special gift for any anniversary, but here at dirtypretty artwear, we are experts in iron 6th anniversary gifts, steel 11th anniversary gifts, and gold 14th anniversary gifts.  We like to include jewelry for most gift giving occasions, so don’t be shy.

Once you’ve got a handle on the basics of what she adores and wears, head over to our shop and find something she will love!

But that’s not all!Gifts for her - wrapping for our modern rustic jewelry designs - dirtypretty artwear

Every present we ship is wrapped and ready to go!  Placed in a cute little dirtypretty box all tied up with a pretty purple bow, your gifts for your wife are ready to give as soon as they arrive at your front door (see below).  Just put it in your jacket pocket and off to celebrate you go.  It couldn’t be easier.

Not so fast!  Actually, WE are pretty fast – nearly every gift we ship, ships within 24 hours of your placing the order (on business days).  All that really means is that if you are running a little behind, we’ve got your back.  If you are REALLY running behind, let us know and we will see what we can do to help you out of your jam!

One more thing…

In case you have done all your stealthy recon and are still not sure which piece will rock her world, just get in touch!  We love helping people find perfect gifts for your wife – it’s just what we do.

Anniversary Gifts for Wife - Whimsy Silver Earrings by dirtypretty artwear - gifts for wifeGifts for Wife - Small Feather Gold Earrings by dirtypretty artwear - Anniversary gifts for wifeAnniversary Gifts for wife - Trio Steel Necklace by dirtypretty artwear - gifts for wifeAnniversary Gifts for Wife - Tiny Zen Circle Gold Necklace by dirtypretty artwear - gifts for wifeAnniversary Gifts for wife - Double Happiness steel Earrings by dirtypretty artwear - gifts for wifeGood luck and happy celebrations!