Christmas Gifts for Women - Simple Chic Silver Earrings by dirtypretty artwear - Christmas stocking stuffersHello, is this thing on?  Is it too early to talk about Christmas Gifts for Women?  Nah, it’s never too early to start thinking about finding the best Christmas stocking stuffers for your wife or S.O.  Or, maybe you need a regular old “kick ass” present for under the tree.  Either way, you are in the right place – we have lots of lovely jewelry to choose from, but today we are going to be focusing on jewelry – the best Christmas stocking stuffers.

Honestly, it doesn’t get any better than jewelry when talking about Christmas gifts for women.  It fits right in there!  It is the gift that keeps on giving – she will want to wear it every day.  Jewelry beats the heck out of candy if you are an adult… Plus, it makes you look good when you find thoughtful gifts that she loves.  GO!

Christmas Gifts for Women - Simple Chic Iron Necklace - Christmas stocking stuffers by dirtypretty artwearOK, we’ve established the “why”, now lets delve into the “what”.

Unique handmade jewelry, that’s what.  Made in the USA by Oregonians.  We live on an organic farm where we live, grow food (and eat it), and make dirtypretty artwear with our own bare organic hands – without the use of ANY toxic chemicals.  We also use recycled and fair mined materials.  When you buy dirtypretty artwear, you support our organic farm, and our ethical business – thanks!

Lets keep it simple today – sure, we have plenty of dazzling items for over $100 USD (gold jewelry, silver jewelry, steel jewelry), but lets stick to the under $100 category for stocking stuffers.

Christmas Gifts for Women - Christmas stocking stuffers - Tiny Zen Circle Earrings by dirtypretty artwearDon’t forget – each gift you order from us comes in a pretty recycled box with a pretty purple bow – perfectly stuff-able as soon as it arrives down your chimney (or mailbox).  It really couldn’t be simpler – check out our packaging in the images below.

Need a little guidance to choose the perfect Christmas stocking stuffer for her?  Just get in touch – with a little information about your partner, we can help steer you towards something amazing.  We also ship 99% of our orders within 24 hours.  If you are running a tad behind, we’ve got you covered!

Ok, now for the pictures.  Please visit our shop to see more items under $100 as well as a bunch more that are just over $100.

Christmas Gifts for Women - Small Feather Iron Earrings by dirtypretty artwear - Christmas stocking stuffersChristmas Gifts for Women - Zen Circle-Iron Earrings-dirtypretty artwear - Christmas stocking stuffersChristmas Gifts for Women - wrapping for our modern rustic jewelry designs - dirtypretty artwear - Christmas stocking stuffersWe sincerely hope we gave you some ideas to work with.  Happy holidays!

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