6th Anniversary Gift Ideas - Moments of Zen Iron Bracelet by dirtypretty artwearHowdy friend!  You’re looking for 6th anniversary gift ideas – thats why you’re out here today surfing the inter-webs all by yourself.  It’s a simple problem: Try to figure out a couple romantic anniversary ideas to celebrate your 6th anniversary in style.

Thank goodness you arrived when you did – this is where the best 6th anniversary gift ideas live.  Seriously.

Good for you, trying to do something unique, something that will let your special woman understand that, not only did you actually remember your anniversary (of course you did), but you also want to take the time to do something special that shows you really care.

Romantic anniversary ideas for your 6th anniversary - Whimsy Iron Earrings by dirtypretty artwearAny good 6th anniversary plan will require 3 simple things:

  1. Something fun to do.
  2. Something good to eat.
  3. Iron Anniversary Jewelry so she can remember what a creative lover/partner your are.

Most of us tend to lump the first two requirements into the standard hail Mary pass – ye olde “fancy evening at your favorite restaurant”.  Well, that’s one way to do it, but we’ll hazard a guess that by your 6th anniversary you have already dragged this one through the mud a couple times.  Its old.  It’s dirty.  It’s tired.  Maybe next year you can drag it out again.

6th Anniversary Gift Ideas - Double Happiness Iron Necklace by dirtypretty artwearBut not this time.  This years is going to be different.  Subvert the dominant paradigm.  You got this.

Here’s what you do.

Phase 1: Getting ready for your 6th wedding anniversary celebration

Grab your girl.  Go to the local farmers market (or fancy grocery store with a killer deli section) and find a variety of snacks and treats for later.  Snacking is ok at any time, but everyone will be hungry after phase 2.  Be prepared.  Get some drinks too.  Maybe you remembered the cooler to put it all in.

Phase 2: Execute your romantic anniversary ideas

Do something you have never done before.  It’s really that simple.  Make it something neither of you have ever done so everyone is in equally uncharted territory.  From here on out, you’ll equate your 6th anniversary with this particular day when you both did this “new thing” together.  It puts a unique time stamp on it.  Here are some basic concepts…

  1. 6th Anniversary Gift Ideas - Simple Chic Iron Earrings by dirtypretty artwearRent surf boards.  Take a surfing lesson.  Get wet.  Hang ten.
  2. Visit a nearby state or national park.  Picnic.  Walk around.  Look at stuff.  Laugh.
  3. Rent some roller blades at your local city park or paved trail.  Don’t forget the elbow/knee pads and helmet!  Go slow, and keep the wheels under your center of gravity.  Not kidding.
  4. Go for a ride.  On a horse.  Trail rides are fun.  Wear a cowboy hat.  Look super goofy in pictures.
  5. Visit your local outdoor movie theater.  Hopefully they are playing something romantic.  Or scary…  Don’t forget your blanket.  Kiss under the stars.
  6. Cooking class.  Pick your favorite food and learn to cook it.  Cooking is a sensual art.  Get sensual.  Feed each other like it’s your wedding day.
  7. Romantic anniversary ideas for your 6th anniversary - Twisted Teardrop Iron Bracelet by dirtypretty artwearjpgDancing lesson.  Two left feet isn’t an excuse not to dance.  Points are generally awarded for effort, and sequins.  Think Elvis onesies at a hip hop class.
  8. Take a crafty class – pottery, painting, anything crafty!  Make something functional that you can use every day.  The humble coffee mug gets used every day.  A perfect reminder of your 6th wedding anniversary date.  So FUN!
  9. Find a local swimming hole.  Hot springs = extra points.  Cliff jumping is optional but pretty exciting.  Laze in the sun like a lizard.  Touch sweaty bodies.  It’s sensual.
  10. Bowling.  It’s a ridiculous thing to do.  That is what makes it so fun.  Bowl like no one is watching.  Not as sensual as some of the other suggestions, but laughter is the best medicine, and after 6 years, you might need some medicine.

Wherever you live, get creative – there are tons of things you haven’t done – yet.  Find one, bring your smile, your sense of humor and create some new memories.  You only have to do it once, so free your mind and just have some fun with the woman of your dreams.  Acting silly is fun.  Getting out of your comfort zone is fun.

Maybe everyone needs a beer first?  Definitely maybe.

Romantic anniversary ideas for your 6th anniversary - Small Feather Iron Earrings by dirtypretty artwearPhase 3:
Don’t forget the dirtypretty Iron anniversary jewelry

Don’t forget this one.  The best 6th anniversary gift ideas are found on our 6th anniversary gift ideas page.  Finding a beautiful iron anniversary gift for her helps you extend anniversary points over many years – every time she wears your thoughtful iron gift, she will remember how thoughtful and creative you were on your 6th anniversary.  It’s traditional, plus she’ll look lovely wearing the smoky shine of iron.

So, thats our best advice for your 6th anniversary.  Do something new, eat some good food, give a special gift of iron jewelry.  You can’t go wrong.  Own it.

Congratulations on your 6th wedding anniversary!

Romantic anniversary ideas for your 6th anniversary - Striking Simplicity Iron Earrings by dirtypretty artwear



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