Iron anniversary gift-Feather-Iron Earrings-dirtypretty artwearLooking for a 6th anniversary gift that will make your sweetheart smile?  Good news!  dirtypretty artwear specializes in 6th anniversary gifts for her!

Today we are going to share our most popular iron jewelry with you to make your job of being a super caring and creative partner a little easier.  (Clicking on any of the images will take you the item page in our store for more images!  FYI – the top image is the Trio Iron Earrings – our best selling earrings!)

Iron is a traditional 6th anniversary gift that is embodied with the metaphysical energy of strength and vitality.  That energy enables your wife to boldly take on the world. Like a supportive marriage, wearing iron jewelry gives her added strength to reach for her dreams and live life to the fullest!

6th anniversary gift-Tiny Zen Circle-Iron Bracelet-dirtypretty artwearYou want that for her right?  Of course!

Giving a traditional 6th anniversary gift of handmade iron jewelry is a great way to show how much you care and it creates a concrete memory of your anniversary celebration.  What does she like to wear?  Earrings she can’t leave home without?  Maybe a necklace that makes her feel extra beautiful?  How about a bracelet that just ties her whole outfit together.

dirtypretty artwear has a variety of 6th anniversary gifts to choose from – minimalist earrings, modern rustic necklaces, and stylish bracelets all handmade in Oregon using sustainably recycled iron.

6th anniversary gift for her-Trio-Iron Necklace-dirtypretty artwearEach item comes packaged in a lovely recycled box tied with a lovely purple bow – all you have to do is put it in your pocket and present it when the time is right.  Boom – 6th anniversary gift win!

We hope you enjoy these pictures of our most popular iron jewelry.  There is much more to choose from – browse our 6th anniversary gifts collection and purchase something your significant other will love in our easy-to-use Shop.  Go now, find your perfect 6th anniversary gift!

Hmmm, getting to this gift buying thing a little late?  Never fear, in stock items ship within 24 hours on business days (and usually Saturdays)!

Want some help picking out the perfect 6th anniversary gift for your sweetie?  Contact me here.  I’m happy to help!


Flash Iron necklace-6th anniversary gift-dirtypretty artwear6th anniversary gift-Zen Circle-Iron Earrings-dirtypretty artwearIron anniversary gift for her-Simple Chic-Iron Earrings-dirtypretty artwear6th anniversary gift for her-Twisted Teardrop-Iron Necklace-dirtypretty artwear6th anniversary gift for her-Leaf-Iron Earrings-dirtypretty artwear6th anniversary gift for her-Tiny Zen Circles-Iron Earrings-dirtypretty artwearwrapping for our 6th anniversary gifts-dirtypretty-artwearCongratulations on your 6th anniversary – Thanks for taking a look!  We wish you many happy anniversaries to come!


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