If you’re looking to protect yourself from negativity or anything that might suck the positive energy right out of you – iron & steel jewelry just might be your new best friend.

Iron jewelry has been worn throughout history for protection and healing.  It’s a little like donning spiritual armor.  Iron is all about strength, courage and determination.  It’s bold, brave, and energizing qualities give you the vitality and focus needed to achieve your goals and make your dreams your reality.

Welcome to the first of six articles about the power of metals and how to use their innate energies to create positivity in your life.

There’s a reason why the fierce island folk on Game of Thrones are called the “Ironborn.”  They’re powerful, fearless and strong as hell.  (If you’re not a G.O.T. fan like I am, just imagine how tough you’d have to be to survive on cold, rocky, storm blasted islands where nothing grows!)

The phrase “tough as nails” is an oddly accurate idiom and it’s for the same reason that one of the toughest physical competitions is called the “Iron Man.”  You have to have an “iron will” to make it through the damn thing!

You picking up what I’m putting down here?

And just to be clear, when I’m talking about “Iron Jewelry” I’m also talking about “Steel Jewelry.”  Steel is technically an alloy of iron with carbon added for extra strength.  Because the steel I use in dirtypretty jewelry designs is 99% iron I use the terms interchangeably.  The healing properties and energetic qualities in steel and iron are also the same.

Known as the “blood of the Earth” (since our molten core is almost entirely liquid iron), it comes from fallen meteorites or stars that went nova.  This makes iron a powerful grounding tool that also opens you up to new experiences.

I once heard a healer refer to iron as her “rottweiler or mastiff” because of its incredibly loyal, strong, and fearless qualities.  In Ayurveda, it is used to strengthen nerve and muscle tissues and is rejuvenating.

Oh, and did I mention that iron also increases your self confidence?!

So today we’ve determined that wearing iron jewelry can:

  • strengthen your body
  • strengthen your will
  • strengthen your sense of self
  • and protect you from negativity!

energy jewelry - iron braceletIt seems clear that having a little iron jewelry in your collection can help create the power of positive change in our lives. Keep your eyes open for fun ways to incorporate steel jewelry into your daily routine and be the wonder woman you always wanted to be!

In my next post, I’ll talk specifically about how to wear iron and steel jewelry – how to create your ritual, and where to wear it on your body to achieve your personal transformation goals.  I know you’ll be inspired to fearlessly take on the world with iron by your side!

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Until next time – Stay dirty. Stay pretty.



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