Congratulations!  You’re getting ready to toast 6 years of marital bliss! Your 6th anniversary is definitely something that should be recognized, celebrated and honored.   It’s not always easy to keep two people’s lives intertwined in a way that brings happiness and fulfillment to both parties, but making it to year 6 together shows that your relationship has strength, stability and deep commitment.

trio iron earrings - our best selling 6th anniversary giftThe question remains, however, just what are you going to get for your one and only?

You want to show her how much you love her. You need her to know how important she is.

How do you say “you’re special, unique, wonderful, AND I love you more today than yesterday?”

Well, with some really sweet, totally original, handcrafted jewelry, of course.

6th anniversary gift-moments of zen rustic hammered chain bracelet polished steel-iron-dirtypretty artwearIron is the traditional gift given to celebrate your 6th anniversary.  It carries the energy of strength and vitality that let’s you fearlessly take on the world.  Kind of like a great marriage let’s you go after your dreams with a supportive spouse by your side!

Giving the gift of handmade jewelry is a no brainer.  I know very few women who don’t love to receive jewelry (actually I can’t think of a single one right now).  But making sure you get her something as distinctive and iconic as she is will show her, in one simple gesture, that you love her for who she is and adore the fact that she’s one of a kind.

6th anniversary gift - Trio iron necklaceThat’s where dirtypretty comes in.  I absolutely love working with iron and have created a unique collection of unconventional iron jewelry that’s the perfect gift to give for your anniversary.  From simple and elegant to sleek and sexy to big, bold and whimsical – dirtypretty has got you covered with handmade, original pieces that will satisfy your sweetie’s personal style.

Browse our Shop to view the 6th anniversary gifts – Iron and the 11th anniversary gifts – Steel collections and purchase your favorite in our easy-to-use Shop.

Want some help picking out the perfect piece for your sweetie? Contact me here.  I’m happy to help!

6th anniversary gift for her - Tiny Zen Circle iron Bracelet6th anniversary gift - whimsy iron earrings

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