People often ask me why I make jewelry. Subtext – Isn’t that kind of a luxury thing?

In my head I shout, “NO! It’s absolutely not a luxury it’s a NECESSITY!” At least for anyone who wants to consciously decide how their day is going to unfold, how they want to feel about their life and how quickly they want to change it.

The answer I usually give is simply “Because I love it. And here’s why…”

I love buying it, wearing it and most of all – making it.
There’s real power in choosing what jewelry to wear at any given time because it will affect your mood and shift your attitude. There’s little else that can so radically shape your perception of yourself, your looks, and your life in just an instant. That’s the simple truth. And perception is reality, right?!

And THAT’s why I make jewelry. I want women everywhere to seize the opportunity to look and feel their best. To take advantage of this simple step of consciously choosing what to wear, letting yourself be positively influenced by it, and creating the life you truly want.

HipFistSepiaWStuffHere’s what I know.

People have been adorning themselves since the dawn of time. Both men and women. If our body is our temple, why wouldn’t we want to decorate it, cultivate it, take pride in it, just as we do with our homes?

And while western science has yet to “officially” study the psychosomatic effects of wearing jewelry, eastern philosophies have been documenting and utilizing these effects for thousands of years. (More to come on that topic in future blog posts. I invite you to geek out with me for a few minutes because I love this stuff and have spent copious amounts of time studying it!)

I also know this.

When I wear jewelry it changes how I feel about myself and how I behave.

I know that if I’m rocking a bold, unconventional ring I’ll talk more with my hands, gesture with animation and become more outgoing & engaged.

When I wear a beautiful, hand crafted necklace made with tangible amounts of TLC my shoulders relax, my heart opens and I meet the world with the compassion and patience borne from a deep breath.

When I’ve got a pair of long, sexy earrings on I’m aware of how they brush against my collarbones and how I stand up straighter. Suddenly I feel alluring, graceful and confident.

Now I’ll be the first to admit there’s a chance no one else is noticing my new graceful swan neck or my upright ballerina posture, but I’ll bet they’re sensing my open heart, my vivacious personality, or my general self confidence. And if they’re not – who cares? It really doesn’t matter because I feel it. I’ve transformed my experience of life to one where I feel great about myself – all through this simple act of adornment.

“Even if I am just wearing jeans and a white t-shirt I always feel like I have dressed up when I put on some dirtypretty earrings!  I love that the pieces are unique and hip yet so versatile that I can wear them every day.  I feel beautiful and put together even if I’m just running errands.”

Eileen- life coach, entrepreneur, wife & mom of 2 little ones.  Denver, CO

When I put a piece of jewelry on that makes me feel special, or beautiful or put together I’m ready to take on the world. Maybe it’s a first date, an important meeting, or just a regular day at the office. If I’ve taken that extra step, that extra care in putting the finishing touches on my outward appearance, my inner strength – confidence – radiance shows on the outside.

What do you wear when you want to feel smart and strong? How do you choose to imagine your day?

I’d love to hear from you!

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