In our last post (Energy Jewelry – The Power of Iron and Steel Jewelry) we discussed how wearing Iron and Steel Energy Jewelry can positively affect your day to day experience and help you on your journey of self transformation. Today we want to show you how to wear it to begin transforming your day and life.

In ancient times it was known that metals and their alloys had not only material value, but also healing and energetic properties. Metals were used to treat and prevent various diseases. When metal comes into contact with the skin, this connection produces a perceptible electric current, which affects energy flows in the body. Research on this action is currently underway, and some metals are even finding their way into traditional and alternative medical treatments!

energy jewelry - gold and steel rings

You don’t need to run to the doc or your local alchemist though to begin utilizing iron and steel in your life. Just start to experiment and notice how you feel – each person will have their own unique response. Here are a few specific ways you can wear your steel & iron jewelry that just might have your reality shifting and desires manifested!!

(Don’t forget— I use the terms “Iron Jewelry” and “Steel Jewelry” interchangeably. While steel is technically an alloy of iron, the healing properties and energetic qualities are the same.)

1. Iron Rings – Steel Rings
Each finger is associated with a specific planet, an element, and an emotional quality according to the traditions of Kundalini yoga and Ayurveda. If you wear a ring on a certain finger you can amplify those energies, depending on the metal you choose and your intention while wearing it.

The Thumb represents your ego, your “self,” and the earth element in your body. It’s associated with happiness, willpower and logic.  Wear an iron ring on your thumb to increase self assuredness, strength of character, and personal identity. Call upon iron’s quality of courage to give you the strength you need to be uniquely you, in a society where conformity reigns supreme. No one else can be like you, and that’s seriously kick ass!

The Index Finger is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and opportunity. It’s affiliated with knowledge, self-esteem, leadership, power, money, and spiritual authority. Wear a steel ring on this finger and fearlessly follow the lucky breaks and new opportunities that come your way.

The Middle Finger is governed by Saturn, often referred to as the “great teacher” of the Zodiac, and is all about patience, self-analysis, and your sense of right and wrong. An iron ring on this finger will give you the grit you need to persevere. It will encourage you to be steadfast, focused, and true to your own path.

The Ring Finger represents the Sun, your energy, and your authentic self. It’s how you’re seen and what you show. It is linked to your self expression, creativity, love of beauty, and your relationships with others. Wearing a ring here is a powerful commitment of the heart, an alignment with your heart’s energy, and can show a life encompassing agreement. Use iron’s strength and determination, and be bold enough to keep the promises you make to yourself and others.

The Little Finger is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, ideas and thought. Wearing an iron ring on your pinky may strengthen your ability to communicate clearly, cultivate your intelligence, and amplify your intuition – especially in regard to protecting yourself from negativity.

energy jewelry - iron and steel energy jewelry2. Iron Necklaces – Steel Necklaces
Often worn near the heart, a necklace can connect you to your emotions, and steel provides the opportunity to radically strengthen your sense of self love. The throat chakra influences your ability to communicate and express yourself, and wearing an iron necklace is a fantastic way to boost your self confidence and fearlessly be yourself. Wear a beautiful, hand crafted necklace and feel how your shoulders relax, your heart opens, and how you greet the world with the compassion and patience borne from a deep breath. (With it’s affinity for red blood cells, muscle, and nerve tissue it’s possible you might do your actual heart some good too by wearing iron!)

3. Iron Earrings – Steel Earrings
From earliest recorded history, ear lobes (especially long ones!) have been regarded as a sign of spiritual development and superior status. The purpose of wearing earrings was not only for beauty, but to protect the wearer from evil influences, with the earrings serving as talismans. Iron/Steel Earrings are totally the adornment of choice for this due to their inherent protective qualities and ability to ward off negative energy!

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, wearing earrings just might improve your intuition by increasing the connection to your 3rd eye center. (The reflexology and acupuncture point relating to eyes and the 3rd eye is located in the middle of the ear lobe, where most people are pierced.)

Lastly, because they’re generally worn on both sides of the head, earrings are said to be good for balance and equilibrium!
While I haven’t put each of these theories to the test, I do know that when I wear jewelry it changes how I feel about myself and how I behave. When I’ve got a pair of bold iron earrings on I’m aware of how they brush against my neck and how I stand up straighter. Suddenly I feel alluring, graceful, confident – and ready to take on the world.

4. Iron Bracelets – Steel Bracelets
One of the oldest adornments created by humans, bracelets are said to bring energies for balance and attunement, and are very useful in ritual practices. It’s believed that wearing bracelets on the left wrist brings luck and protection, and on the right – confidence and prosperity. Personally, I like to double down on my bracelets and wear one on each side. That way you cultivate as much good energy as possible, AND you get to feel a little like Wonder Woman!! Especially with bold and bad ass iron! Every time they catch your eye (which is a lot – an added bonus of bracelets!) you can feel like the strong, captivating, radiant warrior-goddess you are.

Hoiron energy bracelet - steel jewelrywever you choose to wear your jewelry, just make sure it speaks to you! This is your personal ritual, your personal journey, and deep down you know what’s best for you. Don’t forget to have fun with it! Try something out, see how it goes, and adjust as needed.

Just remember that wearing iron and steel energy jewelry may bring you fierce determination that won’t let you be stopped or hindered by anything. An extreme resilience that inspires you to make your dreams your reality!

Let me know how it goes – I’d love to hear what happens when you experiment with iron and steel. Share your thoughts on our FaceBook page and make sure you’re signed up for our newsletter (@ the bottom of page). Next week we’re exploring the energetic powers of silver and you won’t want to miss out!

Until then – I’m sending love to all you dirtypretties!!


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